According to the statistics, 7.7 percent of children in the U.S have been diagnosed with some type of speech disorder. A speech disorder affects children’s ability to communicate verbally and makes it difficult for them to read and write. Such problems at an early age can damage your child’s mental health as well and cause further problems. However, timely diagnosis and therapy can save your child’s future. This blog post will highlight some common signs you should look for to find out if your child is struggling with any kind of speech disorder. 


If you notice that your child is stuttering while trying to speak, it’s a very important sign that you shouldn’t ignore. People often think that it’s normal for children to stutter when they learn to speak, but the research shows that stuttering isn’t normal and must be treated. Stuttering may involve the repetition of some words or letters at the start of the sentence. You should also make sure that nobody makes fun of their stuttering because that shatters their self-esteem. 

Inconsistent Voice 

If you notice that your child has a hoarse voice or is unable to control their volume sometimes, then it might also be a sign of speech disorders. In some cases, a child might struggle to emphasize or articulate a correct syllable of a word, while they may pronounce the rest of the word clearly. 

Avoids Interaction

If out a notice that your child is being distant and avoiding interaction with other kids, it might also be due to the difficulty in speech. Don’t brush this off thinking he’s probably an introvert because the problem might be more than that. 

No Babbling 

It’s normal for children to babble and make weird noises before they are able to speak. If you don’t find your 4 to 7 months old kid babbling, it might be an early sign that they need speech therapy.

We have highlighted some common signs of speech disorders. If you notice any of these signs or suspect anything similar in your children, then reach out to professionals today. At the Bloomfield Institute of Therapy, we have experts specialized in speech therapy to help your children speak. We are also offering physical and occupational therapy for people of all ages. Our services include outpatient speech and language therapy, adult physical therapy for orthopedic, therapy for neurological injuries, pre-and post-surgery, illness, work-related injuries, and disease.