Occupational therapy is rising in popularity, and it is expected to increase by 27% in the next four years. The purpose of occupational therapy is to help people of all ages with any physical, sensory, or cognitive issues. An occupational therapist helps people gain control of their bodies and lives. They also deal with their patient’s emotional, social, and physical needs during the therapy. This blog post will highlight some of the ways in which an occupational therapist can help you. 

Dealing with Disability 

An occupational therapist can help you deal with physical disabilities in numerous ways. They usually start with educating patients about everything they need to know about their disability.

Once a patient understands their disabilities, occupational therapists work with them to come up with ways to not only minimize the impact of the disability but also improve and maintain the abilities they have. For instance, if a patient has some disability that makes it difficult to walk, an occupational therapist might encourage them to go around in the neighborhood in a wheelchair so that they don’t feel left out and lonely.  

Occupational therapists also develop ways to help their patients in various aspects of life inside as well outside the home. They can help in making customized tools to make it easier for a patient to do their daily activities. 

Environmental Changes 

An occupational therapist is involved in a patient’s life outside of their clinic as well. They try to learn about what environmental aspects and other external factors can help a patient in dealing with their problems. Often, they also work in different sectors to promote initiatives such as specialized public transportation for people with physical disabilities. 

Client-centered Care 

Occupational therapists also help their patients with physical injuries and mental trauma due to different reasons. For instance, they can help a worker who might have sustained injuries due to poor working conditions. They also help students and kids who have difficulty in reading, writing, and grasping concepts at school. Moreover, they also try to help those unemployed due to any disability in finding work that suits them. 

At the Bloomfield Institute of Therapy, we have comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation centers in three different locations. Our experts are specialized in physical, occupational, and speech therapy for people of all ages. Our services include outpatient speech and language therapy, adult physical therapy for orthopedic, therapy for neurological injuries, pre-and post-surgery, illness, work-related injuries, and disease.